Magic Cipher

Full Encryption / Decryption

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Text Encryption/Decryption

Magic Cipher supports drag and drop text encryption and decryption.  Your encrypted text can automatically be used within an email at the touch of button.  An easy four step process is all that is required to send a private message to a third party.  First, agree a ‘Shared Secret’ or ‘Key’ with the recipient of your message.  Second, type or paste the message into Magic Cipher.  Third, press the Encrypt button and Finally, click the email button to send this message to your chosen recipient as an encrypted email.  It couldn’t be any simpler !

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Images / Pictures

Text Encryption/Decryption

Using Magic Cipher you can embed textual information inside an image which will be invisible to anyone unless they are also using Magic Cipher and are in possession of the ‘Shared Secret’ that was used to encrypt the text.  The resulting image can even be shared on social media without anyone being the wiser.  Should you wish to alert your third party that the image contains a message for them you can optionally create a watermark in the image that is meaningless to anyone except the intended recipient.  The third party can then download the image and decode the text message using Magic Cipher.  For example I might send upload an image to Facebbok with the watermark ‘FR/2’.  Fred sees this image and knows that it contains a message for him and that I have used our alternative ‘Shared Secret’ to encode it.

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Text Encryption/Decryption

Using drag and drop from your computers file system, or alternatively using the built in file browser, you can choose a file or folder than you wish to encrypt.  Folders will automatically be compressed first, while files will not be compressed unless the option is set in the Preferences.  Once encrypted you can copy the resulting file where it’s required or even attach it to an email to send to a third party.  A great way to protect those important files and documents.
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Independent Strategy Consultant

Peter M. Scott

Excellent product for ensuring the safe and secure transmission of files in a cross platform environment. As an independent Strategy Consultant using Apple Mac, but with a client base using mostly PC platforms, I need to find a way to easily send sensitive market and financial data to clients with no hassle for my clients. It does the job simply, easily, and with no problems at all, and causes no difficulties with clients firewalls. Enough said!… great product.


Its simple, easy to use and powerful. It is the best encryption program for the Mac we have found.


Karl Mattingly, Partner

My Sony USB Microvault is so much easier than lugging my laptop through airport security, yet again. The nightmare of the lost or stolen USB stick is only too real, with the Staff Salary Reviews and the Acquisition Financials modeled in embarrassing detail. I it for Mac as a simple and reliable way of exchanging financial models and private placement memorandums across platforms as well as for secure storage on my USB sticks and portable hard drives. Simple, reliable and easy to use.

Mark Winker

For NetFoos I am lucky enough to travel around the USA and parts of Europe to bring live streaming foosball tournaments to the foosball community. For the live streaming there is a lot of information needed to keep the server running and secure. Now, while on the road, receiving this information from the home office is much easier as we can simply encrypt and email it while feeling confident that our data remains private. Although we are constantly finding new uses for the software, this one capability has made it a great investment for us.

Private Company

Paulo Pires

If you need to make company or private info available on a need to know basis, this tool is for you. There are other encryption packages but I haven’t found an easier to use cross platform software than this one.

Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre

Paul McGrath, Computer Manager

Its a fantastic cross platform tool which has given us the peace of mind that our patient sensitive research data can be transmitted electronically in a secure manner on site or with collaborators around the world. The ability to encrypt and attach files to emails or simply encrypt the email text between Apple Macs and Windows PCs without the need for complicated software installations means that our users are happy to use this great bit of software. The developer’s proactive approach to their software development requesting and rapidly incorporating users feedback has turned a good encryption tool into an excellent one.